Review Policy

If you are an author, publicist or publisher asking for a review, you have come to the right page.

As a reader, I tend to lean towards YA literature. However, I am a scholar and I am an open-minded to whatever comes my way. My reviews are 100% honest and are critical. I do not receive or accept any compensation for my reviews.

What I a willing to read for review

  • YA
  • MG
  • Literary Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Short stories/novellas
  • Graphic novels/comic books

What we will not accept

  • Erotica
  • Self-Help

Other notes to consider

  • I prefer hard copies, however, I will read e-copies as well (hardcopies have greater priority).
  • If it is an e-copy, please note that I have a kindle, so files compatible to the kindle are preferred.
  • Please be aware that I live in New York for shipping purposes.
  • I rarely accept review requests from indie-authors.
  • I will accept audiobooks for review.
  • I will not share the book to anyone unless you have requested.
  • My time is limited so I will only respond to emails where I have accepted your review request.

What to expect in a review

  • A book info blurb
  • An Instagram photo of your book
  • An Amazon buy link and a Goodreads link
  • A thank you to the source who sent the book
  • An honest and critical review of at least 4 paragraphs long (or 3 paragraphs long for mini reviews)
  • An honest rating out of 5 stars

I am also open to blog tour requests! Just follow the criteria above, and send us an email.

Once you have read my review policy, you can reach me via email which can be found on my contact page.